Transform data into discipleship.

RealPresence gives your ministry team insight into how church members are connected so you can focus on serving them effectively.

Tired of being in the dark? Turn the lights on.

RealPresence leverages data you already have to give you the superpower of 360 degree insight into the life of your church.

Stop wrangling data. Start learning from it.

Managing ministry is challenging. Meetings. Lists. Emails. Spreadsheets. You need to make sure people are connected, but it's tough to keep track. Your team's not on the same page and your members slip through the cracks.

But with RealPresence, your team will unite around a shared vision of your church community, grasp where their time and attention are needed, and gain a clear sense of progress as you shepherd your people together. RealPresence gives you the insight you need so you can spend less time managing and more time serving.

Leverage the data you already have

RealPresence makes importing data a breeze so you can get the most out of the data you've got. No complicated migration process required.

When in doubt, graph it out

With RealPresence, you don't have to be a data scientist. Use curated data visualizations and analytics to make more informed decisions and set better goals for your team.

Simple flat-rate pricing

One monthly subscription

We don't have complicated pricing tiers or feature-limited subscription plans. One flat-rate subscription gets you started. No contracts, no service agreements. Simple.

What's included

  • 14 day free trial period

  • Personal data loading support

  • Unlimited member records

  • Unlimited users

  • The latest features and updates

$75 USD / month

Frequently asked questions

You might be wondering...

Will my data work with RealPresence?
Yes! RealPresence accepts CSV and Excel files and allows you to map your data into our system. RealPresence works out of the box with most church database systems, but there are a few simple data requirements, so email us with your questions and we can get you squared away.
Can I keep using my current database or records system?
Absolutely. RealPresence is designed to work with the system you already have. You won't need to change your current recordkeeping practices to use RealPresence.
How is RealPresence different from other church software products?
Many church-related software products offer a full suite of services that address lots of different areas of church administration. RealPresence is a data analytics platform rather than a management or administration tool. RealPresence focuses exclusively on helping you learn from and act upon the data you already have.
What if I have more questions?
Drop Andrew a note and he can help you arrive at a solution that works for you. Even if RealPresence isn't the right product for your church right now, we want to help you get the most out of your data!